Tax season is upon us

As we ring in the new year we look back at all that 2017 has brought us. We reflect and then look to the future. What will 2018 bring? Well I can tell you as we all know the tax man is coming. Some of us look forward to tax time as a bonus, “now I can get that gigantic new smart t.v that just came out”…. and some of us hold our breath in anticipation. You hope and pray that you made the right choices with your withholding and investments.

Whether you’re waiting with glee for your w-2 or holding your breath in terror. “I can’t wait to sit for two hours with the tax (wo)man when I get off work”…said no one EVER!  Let me help you make the most of the 2018 tax season.

I have set up a convenient pick up drop off process for the 2018 season. You can schedule a sit down appointment or You can pick up the packet, fill out the information, and follow the prompts instructing what forms need to be brought in. **Please allow for a 30 minute initial interview to  go over documents, establish Identity and figure out if there is any additional documentation needed. After that you can just pop in to drop off and or sign paperwork. PDF worksheets below.

Tax Return Interview Worksheet

charitable contributions SChedule A

Business Worksheet

I am now partnered with Refund Advantage

Pay your tax prep fees from your refund

I now offer refund advance loans up to $1200.00.  No bank? No problem! you can get your refund loaded onto a prepaid visa card

Q Books & Tax has moved to a convenient new location

970 S. Petit Ave Blgd A # 7  Ventura, CA 93004

2018 Tax Season hours are as follows:

M-F 1:00 PM -5:30 PM Regular business hours

M-F 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM & Saturday 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM by appointment only




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